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Suitable All Types


Natural Herbal formula,no side-effect or irritation

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Why Choose Us?

★ Reason for Choice ★
▶ Natural Herbal Ingredients, Easy,Safe and Secure
▶ Improved Formula
▶ Perfect For All Skin Types
▶ Effective and Saving Your Expenses
▶ It removes warts effectively and painlessly.
It can effectively remove skin tags, moles, flat warts, plantar warts, filiform warts, common warts, skin marks, skin spots, freckles, etc. It is very safe to use and does not leave any scars.
In addition to being suitable for the face, it is also suitable for the body and feet.
Natural plant essential oils.
It can effectively lighten dark spots, moisturize the skin, brighten the complexion, and tighten the skin.
Suitable for all skin types, from normal to sensitive, from men to women.

There is limited availability and this 50% OFF REGULAR
PRICE OFFER may be taken down at any moment!


★ Natural ingredients ★

▶ (Tea Tree) Leaf oil

▶ Phellodendron

▶ Honeysuckle

▶ Acorus gramineus

▶ Melaleuca Alternifolia

▶ Glycerol

▶ Coptis chinensis

▶ Mint

It is made of all natural ingredients, does not contain chemical substances, is safe and healthy, and does not harm the skin.

Herbal ingredients, which can effectively remove spots and moles without any pain or side effects.

No pain and no burning sensation With this cream, you can effectively remove skin tags, warts and moles without leaving scars.

There is limited availability and this 50% OFF REGULAR
PRICE OFFER may be taken down at any moment!

Does wart remover ointment work?


A 4-week course of treatment for 30 days is effective


Soften the surface of the skin


Quick penetration


Persistent triggering of HPV cell elimination


Repair faulty skin

Soften keratin dissolveand peel off warts

High performance penetrationdirectly to the affected area

★ How It Workss ★

★ How Works ★

▶ 1 Cover

▶ 2 Absorption

▶ 3 Protection

▶ 4 Cure

There is limited availability and this 50% OFF REGULAR
PRICE OFFER may be taken down at any moment!

There is limited availability and this 50% OFF REGULAR
PRICE OFFER may be taken down at any moment!

What People Effects!








There is limited availability and this 50% OFF REGULAR
PRICE OFFER may be taken down at any moment!

How do you use an Eelhoe wart remover pen?

EELHOE Wart Remover Ointment How to Use


▶ 1 Simple to use, first wash the affected area with warm water.

▶ 2 Clean the area to be treated and dry.

▶ 3 The pen-shaped design is convenient for you to apply to the affected area.

▶ 4 Take an appropriate amount of Wart and Mole Removal Essence and gently apply to the areas to be treated.

Changing process

There is limited availability and this 50% OFF REGULAR
PRICE OFFER may be taken down at any moment!

Rose E.

Works well Please be patient a few days!

I actually used up most for two warts on my fingers. One was larger and the other one smaller. I know were supposed to use them for 62 hours 

 the medication actually kinda sticks to your skin so the area around it peels too.My finger has been tender from all the skin that peeled but it’s healing quickly.I say they’re high maintenance because if you’re like me and you can’t stand just not properly being able to wash all of your body

Michelle Wa.

It gave me the desired result. I underwent two types of procedures (freezing twice, surgically removing it), but the wart grew again. But this product, and after using it for only a month and a half, gave me a wonderful result, and it has not been returned until now, after two months of using the product. I used it as directed and everything was good. The one issue with this product that it doesn’t stay for 48 hours so I used a medical tape to make it stay for this long. I advise you to buy it and get the result you want.

Emilie Charles

This product worked amazingly well. I’d had a wart for years, none of the other over the counter products worked.  The steps others describe are pretty accurate. The acid slowly kills the wart layer by layer. I suppose the length of time would be determined by the size of the wart. Mine was small, almost the size of a pencil eraser, and it took 22 days to kill it.Challenges: 1. Keep water from delaying the processSolution: wrap a waterproof BandAid over top of the medicated one (this also mitigates the odor) 2. Minimize excessive skin erosionSolution: cut a small hole in the adhesive part of a regular BandAid. I did so by folding it with the paper backing still on. Then cut the adhesive side (with the hole) from the rest of the BandAid. Then apply it to where the wart is, lining the hole up such that only the wart is exposed (see photo). This also prevented all burning others experienced. Not once did I experience any discomfort.3. Raw/sensitive skin post wart removalSolution: I wore a BandAid for an extra day with Neosporin and it healed enough to leave the skin exposed without discomfort.

There is limited availability and this 50% OFF REGULAR
PRICE OFFER may be taken down at any moment!

There is limited availability and this 50% OFF REGULAR
PRICE OFFER may be taken down at any moment!

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Skin Tag Remover Medical Against Moles Painless Fast Removal Genital Wart Acne Spot Treatment Papillomas Flat Wart Beauty Herbal

Wart removing pen Antibacterial Ointment Wart Treatment Cream Skin Tag Wart Remover Herbal Extract Warts Remover Liquid 3ml

Removing Against Moles Liquid Pen Treatment Papillomas Removal Of Warts Liquid From Skin Tags Remover Anti Verruca Remedy

Skin Tag Remover Medical Against Moles Painless Fast Removal Genital Wart Acne Spot Treatment Papillomas Flat Wart Beauty Health

Fast and Effective Wart Repair Removal Genital Wart Treatment Papilloma Skin Tag Removal Anti-Mole Remover

Removing Against Moles Liquid Pen Treatment Papillomas Removal Of Warts Liquid From Skin Tags Remover Anti Verruca Remedy

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FranceFrench 100%, rapidly declining regional dialects (Provenal, Breton, Alsatian, Corsican, Catalan, Basque, Flemish) Français  JawaFrançais French Corsica
GabonFrench (official), Fang, Myene, Nzebi, Bapounou/Eschira, BandjabiGAGAB.gaXAFCFA franc BEACKinyarwanda 
GambiaEnglish (official), Mandinka, Wolof, Fula, other  Kiswahili 
GeorgiaGeorgian 71% (official), Russian 9%, Armenian 7%, Azerbaijani 6%, other 7% (Abkhaz is the official language in Abkhazia)GEGEO.geGELlariKongo 
GermanyGerman Deutsch DutchDEDEU.deEUReurokreol morisienDeutsch Dutch
GhanaEnglish (official), African languages (including Akan, Moshi-Dagomba, Ewe, and Ga)GHGHA.ghGHScediKrio (Sierra Leone) 
GreeceGreek 99% (official), English, FrenchGRGRC.grEUReuroLatin lv latviešu to lea fakatonga 
GrenadaEnglish (official), French  lietuvių 
GuatemalaSpanish 60%, Amerindian languages 40% (23 officially recognized Amerindian languages, including Quiche, Cakchiquel, Kekchi, Mam, Garifuna, and Xinca)GTGTM.gtGTQquetzallingála 
GuineaFrench (official), native tongues (Malink, Susu, Fulani)  Lozi 
Guinea-BissauPortuguese (official), Criolo, African  Luba-Lulua 
GuyanaEnglish (official), Amerindian dialects, Creole, Hindi, UrduGYGUY.gyGYDdollarLuganda 
HaitiCreole and French (both official)  magyar 
HondurasSpanish (official), Amerindian dialects; English widely spoken in businessHNHND.hnHNLlempiraMalagasy 
HONG KONGChinease and EnglishHKHKG.hkHong Kong DollarHKD Hong Kong Dollar  
HungaryMagyar (Hungarian) 94%, other 6% MagyarországHUHUN.huHUFforintMaltiHungarian Magyarország
IcelandIcelandic, English, Nordic languages, German widely spokenISISL.isISKkronaMāori 
IndiaHindi 30%, English, Bengali, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Kannada, Assamese, Sanskrit, Sindhi (all official); Hindi/Urdu; 1,600+ dialectsININD.inINRrupeeMelayuभारत गणराज्य हिन्दी বাংলা తెలుగు मराठी தமிழ் ગુજરાતી ಕನ್ನಡ മലയാളം ਪੰਜਾਬੀ Versi Bahasa Indonesia
IndonesiaBahasa Indonesia (official), English, Dutch, Javanese, and more than 580 other languages and dialectsIDIDN.idIDRrupiahNigerian Pidgin 
IranPersian and Persian dialects 58%, Turkic and Turkic dialects 26%, Kurdish 9%, Luri 2%, Balochi 1%, Arabic 1%, Turkish 1%, other  norsk 
IraqArabic (official), Kurdish (official in Kurdish regions), Assyrian, ArmenianIQIRQ.iqIQDdinarnorsk nynorsk 
IrelandEnglish, Irish (Gaelic) (both official)IEIRL.ieEUReuroNorthern Sotho 
IsraelHebrew (official), Arabic, EnglishILISR.ilILSshekelNyanja 
ItalyItalian (official); German-, French-, and Slovene-speaking minorities ItalianoITITA.itEUReuroo‘zbekItaliano Italian
JamaicaEnglish, Jamaican CreoleJMJAM.jmJMDdollarOccitan 
JordanArabic (official), EnglishJOJOR.joJODdinarromână 
KazakhstanKazak (Qazaq, state language) 64%; Russian (official, used in everyday business) 95% (2001 est.)KGKAZ.kzKZTtengerumantsch 
KenyaEnglish (official), Swahili (national), and numerous indigenous languagesKEKEN.keKESshillingRunasimi 
KiribatiEnglish (official), I-Kiribati (Gilbertese)  Runyankore한국어
Korea,  Seychellois Creole한국어
Korea, SouthKorean, English widely 
KuwaitArabic (official), EnglishKWKWT.kwKWDdinarslovenčina 
KyrgyzstanKyrgyz, Russian (both official)KGKGZ.kgKGSsomslovenščina 
LaosLao (official), French, English, various ethnic languagesLALAO.laLAKkipSoomaali 
LatviaLatvian 58% (official), Russian 38%, Lithuanian, other (2000)LVLVA.lvEUReuroSouthern Sotho 
LebanonArabic (official), French, English, ArmenianLBLBN.lbLBPpoundsrpski (Crna Gora) 
LesothoEnglish, Sesotho (both official); Zulu,  srpski (latinica) 
LiberiaEnglish 20% (official), some 20 ethnic-group  suomi 
LibyaArabic, Italian, and English widely understood in major citiesLYLBY.lyLYDdinarsvenska 
LiechtensteinGerman (official), Alemannic dialectLILIE.liCHFfrancTswana 
LithuaniaLithuanian 82% (official), Russian 8%, Polish 6% (2001)LTLTU.ltEUReuroTumbuka 
LuxembourgLuxermbourgish (national) French, German (both administrative)LULUX.luEUReurotürkmen dili 
MacedoniaMacedonian 67%, Albanian 25% (both official); Turkish 4%, Roma 2%, Serbian 1% (2002)  Twi 
MadagascarMalagasy and French (both official)MGMDG.mgMGAariaryWolof 
MalawiChichewa 57.2% (official), Chinyanja 12.8%, Chiyao 10.1%, Chitumbuka 9.5%, Chisena 2.7%, Chilomwe 2.4%, Chitonga 1.7%, other 3.6% (1998)MWMWI.mwMWKkwachaΕλληνικά
MalaysiaBahasa Melayu (Malay, official), English, Chinese dialects (Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainan, Foochow), Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Panjabi, Thai; several indigenous languages (including Iban, Kadazan) in East MalaysiaMYMYS.myMYRringgitбеларуская
MaldivesMaldivian Dhivehi (official); English spoken by most government officialsMVMDV.mvMVRrufiyaaбългарски
MaliFrench (official), Bambara 80%, numerous African  кыргызча
MaltaMaltese and English (both official)MTMLT.mtEUReuroқазақ тілі
Marshall IslandsMarshallese 98% (two major dialects from the Malayo-Polynesian family), English widely spoken as a second language (both official);  македонски
MauritaniaHassaniya Arabic (official), Pulaar, Soninke, French, WolofMRMRT.mrMRUouguiyaмонгол 
MauritiusEnglish less than 1% (official), Creole 81%, Bojpoori 12%, French 3% (2000)MUMUS.muMURrupeeсрпски 
MexicoSpanish, various Mayan, Nahuatl, and other regional indigenousтатарEspañol (Latinoamérica)
MicronesiaEnglish (official, common), Chukese, Pohnpeian, Yapase, Kosrean, Ulithian, Woleaian, Nukuoro,  тоҷикӣ 
MoldovaMoldovan (official; virtually the same as Romanian), Russian, Gagauz (a Turkish dialect)MDMDA.mdMDLleuукраїнська
MonacoFrench (official), English, Italian,  ქართული 
MongoliaMongolian, 90%; also Turkic and Russian (1999)MNMNG.mnMNTtugrikհայերեն 
MontenegroSerbian/Montenegrin (Ijekavian dialect?official)MEMNE.meEUReuroייִדיש 
MoroccoArabic (official), Berber dialects, French often used for business, government, and diplomacyMAMAR.maMADdirhamעברית 
MozambiquePortuguese 9% (official; second language of 27%), Emakhuwa 26%, Xichangana 11%, Elomwe 8%, Cisena 7%, Echuwabo 6%, other Mozambican languages 32% (1997)MZMOZ.mzMZNmeticalئۇيغۇرچە 
MyanmarBurmese, minority languagesMMMMR.mmMMKkyatاردو 
NamibiaEnglish 7% (official), Afrikaans is common language of most of the population and of about 60% of the white population, German 32%; indigenous languages: Oshivambo, Herero, NamaNANAM.naNADdollarپښتو 
NauruNauruan (official),  سنڌي 
NepalNepali 48% (official), Maithali 12%, Bhojpuri 7%, Tharu 6%, Tamang 5%, others. English spoken by many in government and business (2001)  فارسیनेपाली Nepali
NetherlandsDutch, Frisian (both official)  کوردیی ناوەندی 
New ZealandEnglish, Maori (both official)NZNZL.nzNZDdollarትግርኛ 
NicaraguaSpanish 98% (official); English and indigenous languages on Atlantic coast (1995)NINIC.niNIOcordoba oroአማርኛ 
NigerFrench (official), Hausa,  नेपाली 
NigeriaEnglish (official), Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo, Fulani, and more than 200 othersNGNGA.ngNGNnairaमराठी 
NorwayBokml Norwegian, Nynorsk Norwegian (both official); small Sami- and Finnish-speaking minorities (Sami is official in six municipalities)NONOR.noNOKkronerहिन्दी 
OmanArabic (official), English, Baluchi, Urdu, Indian dialectsOMOMN.omOMRrialবাংলা 
PakistanUrdu 8%, English (both official); Punjabi 48%, Sindhi 12%, Siraiki (a Punjabi variant) 10%, Pashtu 8%, Balochi 3%, Hindko 2%, Brahui 1%, Burushaski, and others 8%PKPAK.pkPKRrupeeਪੰਜਾਬੀEnglish Punjabi
PalauPalauan 64.7%, English 9.4%, Sonsoralese, Tobi, Angaur (each official on some islands), Filipino 13.5%, Chinese 5.7%, Carolinian 1.5%, Japanese 1.5%, other Asian 2.3%, other languages 1.5% (2000)  ગુજરાતી 
Palestinian State (proposed)Arabic, Hebrew,  ଓଡ଼ିଆ 
PanamaSpanish (official), English 14%, many bilingualPAPAN.paPAB  and USDbalboa  and dollarதமிழ் 
Papua New GuineaTok Pisin (Melanesian Pidgin, the lingua franca), Hiri Motu (in Papua region), English 1%?2%; 715 indigenous languagesPGPNG.pgPGKkinaతెలుగు 
ParaguaySpanish, Guaran (both official)PYPRY.pyPYGguaraniಕನ್ನಡSpanish Español (Latinoamérica)
PeruSpanish, Quchua (both official); Aymara; many minor Amazonian languagesPEPER.pePENnuevo solമലയാളം 
PhilippinesFilipino (based on Tagalog), English (both official); eight major dialects: Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon or Ilonggo, Bicol, Waray, Pampango, and PangasinensePHPHL.phPHPpesoසිංහලEnglish Filipino
PolandPolish 98% (2002)PLPOL.plPLNzlotyລາວ 
PortugalPortuguese (official), Mirandese (official, but locally used)PTPRT.ptEUReuroမြန်မာPortuguês (Portugal)
PUERTO RICOSpanish and English are both official languagesPRPRI.prUSDUS Dollar 
QatarArabic (official); English a common second languageQAQAT.qaQARriyalខ្មែរ 
RomaniaRomanian (official), Hungarian, GermanROROU.roRONleuᏣᎳᎩ 
RussiaRussian, othersRURUS.ruRUBrubleRussianрусский
RwandaKinyarwanda, French, and English (all official); Kiswahili in commercial centersRWRWA.rwRWFfranc  
St. Kitts and    
St. LuciaEnglish (official), French    
St. Vincent and the GrenadinesEnglish, French    
So Tom and PrncipePortuguese (official)    
Saudi ArabiaArabicSA KSASAU.saSARriyal  
SenegalFrench (official); Wolof, Pulaar, Jola, MandinkaSNSEN.snXOFCFA franc BCEAO  
SerbiaSerbian (official); Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak, and Croatian (all official in Vojvodina); Albanian (official in Kosovo)RS SRB.rsRSDdinar  
SeychellesSeselwa Creole 92%, English 5%, French (all official) (2002)    
Sierra LeoneEnglish (official), Mende (southern vernacular), Temne (northern vernacular), Krio (lingua franca)    
SingaporeMandarin 35%, English 23%, Malay 14.1%, Hokkien 11.4%, Cantonese 5.7%, Teochew 4.9%, Tamil 3.2%, other Chinese dialects 1.8%, other 0.9% (2000)SGSGP.sgSGDdollar  
SlovakiaSlovak 84% (official), Hungarian 11%, Roma 2%, Ukrainian 1% (2001)  Slovakslovenčina
SloveniaSlovenian 91%, Serbo-Croatian 5% (2002)SISVN.siEUReuro  
Solomon IslandsEnglish 1%?2% (official), Melanesian pidgin (lingua franca), 120 indigenous    
SomaliaSomali (official), Arabic, English,    
South AfricaIsiZulu 23.8%, IsiXhosa 17.6%, Afrikaans 13.3%, Sepedi 9.4%, English 8.2%, Setswana 8.2%, Sesotho 7.9%, Xitsonga 4.4%, other 7.2% (2001) AfrikaansZAZAF.zaZARrandAfrikaansSesotho isiZulu IsiXhosa Setswana Northern Sotho
SpainCastilian Spanish 74% (official nationwide); Catalan 17%, Galician 7%, Basque 2% (each official regionally)  SpanishESESP.esEUReuroEspañolSpanish
Sri LankaSinhala 74% (official and national), Tamil 18% (national), other 8%; English is commonly used in government and spoken competently by about 10%LKALKA.lkLKRrupeeEnglishTamil தமிழ் සිංහල
SudanArabic (official), Nubian, Ta Bedawie, diverse dialects of Nilotic, Nilo-Hamitic, Sudanic languages,    
SurinameDutch (official), Surinamese (lingua franca), English widely spoken, Hindustani,    
SwazilandEnglish, siSwati (both official)SZ .szSZLlilangeni  
SwedenSwedish, small Sami- and Finnish-speaking minoritiesSESWE.seSEKkrona  
SwitzerlandGerman 64%, French 20%, Italian 7% (all official); Romansch 0.5% (national)CHCHE.chCHFfranc  
SyriaArabic (official); Kurdish, Armenian, Aramaic, Circassian widely understood; French, English somewhat    
TaiwanChinese (Mandarin, official), Taiwanese (Min), Hakka dialectsTWTWN.twTWDdollar  
TajikistanTajik (official), Russian widely used in government and businessTJTJK.tjTJSsomoni  
TanzaniaSwahili, English (both official); Arabic; many local languagesTZTZA.tzTZSshilling  
ThailandThai (Siamese), English (secondary language of the elite), ethnic and regional dialectsTHTHA.thTHBbahtภาษาไทย 
TogoFrench (official, commerce); Ew, Mina (south); Kaby, Dagomba (north); and many    
TongaTongan (an Austronesian language),    
Trinidad and TobagoEnglish (official), Hindi, French, Spanish, ChineseTTTTO.ttTTDdollar  
TunisiaArabic (official, commerce), French (commerce)TNTUN.tnTNDdinar  
TurkeyTurkish (official), Kurdish, Dimli, Azeri, KabardianTRTUR.trTRYliraTürkçe 
TurkmenistanTurkmen 72%; Russian 12%; Uzbek 9%, other 7%TMTKM.tmTMTmanat  
TuvaluTuvaluan, English, Samoan, Kiribati (on the island of Nui)    
UgandaEnglish (official), Ganda or Luganda, other Niger-Congo languages, Nilo-Saharan languages, Swahili, ArabicUGUGA.ugUAHhryvnia  
UkraineUkrainian 67%, Russian 24%, Romanian, Polish,  українська 
United Arab EmiratesArabic (official), Persian, English, Hindi, UrduAE UAEARE.aeAEDdirham  
United KingdomEnglish, Welsh, Scots GaelicUK  
United StatesEnglish 82%, Spanish 11% (2000)USUSA.comUSDdollar  
UruguaySpanish, Portunol, or BrazileroUYURY.uyUYUpeso  
UzbekistanUzbek 74.3%, Russian 14.2%, Tajik 4.4%, other 7.1%UZUZB.uzUZSsoum  
VanuatuBislama 23% (a Melanesian pidgin English), English 2%, French 1% (all 3 official); more than 100 local languages    
Vatican City (Holy See)Italian, Latin, French, various other languagesVA .va    
VenezuelaSpanish (official), numerous indigenous dialectsVEVEN.veVEFbolivar  
VietnamVietnamese (official); English (increasingly favored as a second language); some French, Chinese, Khmer; mountain area languages (Mon-Khmer and Malayo-Polynesian)VNVNM.vnVNDdong  
Western Sahara (proposed state)Hassaniya Arabic, Moroccan    
ZambiaEnglish (official); major vernaculars: Bemba, Kaonda, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale, Nyanja, Tonga; about 70 other indigenous languagesZMZMB.zmZMWkwacha  
ZimbabweEnglish (official), Shona, Ndebele (Sindebele), numerous minor tribal dialectsZWZWE.zwZWDdollar